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Calorimeters Essay Example for Free

Calorimeters Essay The Calorimeters are a gadget that can quantify the warmth that originates from consuming a thing. Straightforward Calorimeter A basic calorimeter is utilized to distinguish the enthalpy change when a fuel is scorched. The fuel is scorched to warm a particular mass of water and afterward measure its ascent in temperature. The word calorimeter originates from the Latin expression calor which means heat. A basic calorimeter just comprises of a thermometer appended to a metal holder brimming with water suspended over a burning chamber. The following is an outline of a basic calorimeter. The temperature of the water takes into consideration ascertaining calorie substance of the fuel. Pressurized with unadulterated oxygen and containing a known mass of an example and a limited quantity of water, it is lowered under a known volume of water before the charge is electrically touched off. The bomb, with the example and oxygen, structure a shut framework, no air evades during the response. The vitality discharged by the ignition raises the temperature of the steel bomb, its substance, and the encompassing water coat. The temperature change in the water is then precisely estimated. This temperature ascend, alongside a bomb factor (which is reliant on the warmth limit of the metal bomb parts) is utilized to ascertain the vitality given out by the example consume. A little remedy is made to represent the electrical vitality input, the consuming wire, and corrosive creation (by titration of the remaining fluid). After the temperature rise has been estimated, the overabundance pressure in the bomb is discharged. Fundamentally, a bomb calorimeter comprises of a little cup to contain the example, oxygen, a treated steel bomb, water, a stirrer, a thermometer and start circuit associated with the bomb. The following is a chart of a bomb calorimeter.

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Battle Of The Somme

The Battle of the Somme began in July 1, 1916 and went on until November 1916 among France and Germany. History considers this fight as the bloodiest of all fights in World War I. In the article â€Å"The Battle of the Somme†, the verifiable point of view of the Battle is plot. This fight follows its causes from the numerous serious misfortunes that the French had been encountering at Verdun †toward the east of Paris.The British Allied High Command, taking compassion for the French misfortunes, chose to assault the Germans toward the north of Verdun in this manner pushing the Germans from the Verdun battlefield.The fight at the Somme began with a weeklong mounted guns siege of the German lines where an expected 1. 7 million shells were discharged. By November 1916, when the fight finished, the British had lost 420,000, the French lost almost 200,000 men and the Germans 500,000. (â€Å"The Battle of Somme†) Many students of history concur that the neither the French and British nor the Germans won in this costliest fight to date. For a long time, the individuals who drove the British crusade have gotten a great deal of analysis for the manner in which the Battle of Somme was battled †particularly Douglas Haig.(â€Å"The Battle of the Somme†). This analysis depended on the numerous lives that were lost in the fight and the irrelevant additions that either parties got in return for those monstrous misfortunes. The British and French caught just somewhat more than five miles (8 km) at the most profound purpose of penetrationâ€well shy of their unique destinations. The British themselves had picked up around just two miles and lost around 420,000 warriors all the while, implying that a centimeter cost around two men.(â€Å"Battle of Somme†) What does this let us know? There are no victors in wars, just washouts. This reality bears enormous ramifications on Western progress as well as on all civic establishments that take up a rms against each other. Book index Battle of the Somme. Wikipedia. 2000. (http://en. wikipedia. organization/wiki/Battle_of_the_Somme) Sheffield, Gary. The Somme, Cassell, 2003. The Battle of the Somme. 2000. (http://www. historylearningsite. co. uk/somme. htm)

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The Leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Initial 3 pages of a position paper on media globalization and social personality - Essay Example plores measurements of the idea by considering the business parts of such glocal (programs with blended worldwide and neighborhood viewpoints) and their extension for the creation organizations. By giving the arrangement of procedures attempted to Americanize the British sitcom, the paper builds up an exhaustive comprehension of different advances and contemplations to be remembered as TV goes from worldwide to neighborhood. By examining the contrasts between the two forms of a similar sitcom in detail, the paper closes the nearness of a solid nexus between Media Globalization and Cultural Identity along these lines blurring ceaselessly the misguided judgment about globalization as an exclusively homogenizing power. As indicated by Held D. in ‘Global Transformations’, â€Å"globalization is a procedure filled by, and bringing about, expanding cross-fringe streams of products, administrations, cash, individuals, data, and culture (Guillen, 2001).† In the contemporary world, all the parts of life are moved by the beguiling nearness of globalization. When appreciated as an insignificant financial wonder including the progression of products and enterprises across outskirts, the term has risen above to arrive at the trading of language, culture and media among countries (Suã ¡rez-Orozco ix). Media Globalization alludes to the worldwide reach of media which may take various structures like the web, TV and broad communications and so forth. This procedure is glocal in nature since with the worldwide components the TV likewise adjusts to certain nearby components in this manner rising as a blend of globalization and limitation (Straubhaar 130). The part of restriction in a fairly worldwide TV program is included when the makers include their emotional advantages which at last change the entire structure of the specific program. This change isn't completely a work of makers as they are significantly mixed with the asset of cash utilized by the crowd. In this manner, the crowd holds the power to modify the TV program structures as indicated by

Sir Robert Peel free essay sample

American policing has been around for a considerable length of time and is very liable to be around for many ages to come. Early policing and disciplines could incorporate open mortification and even torment. Circumstances are different since the beginnings of police strategies now it is unbelievably remarkable to see open embarrassment because of a wrongdoing. American policing has changed on numerous occasions in the course of the last hundred or more years. In many eyes the progressions have been for the best of the policing framework, attempting to set up a solid framework. The policing framework has formed additional time into an expert position, forestalling wrongdoing, utilizing the cops as power, and how this early framework was received in the United States; Sir Robert Peel gets a significant kudos for this change of the police framework. Sir Robert Peel was the man who persuaded individuals that the police are a genuinely necessary power in each state and network. We will compose a custom exposition test on Sir Robert Peel or then again any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page He took a few thoughts of others before him and changed those thoughts and standards into law. With these new laws and the persuading the individuals the requirement for a solid police office Sir Robert Peel who was Britain’s Home Secretary, is perceived for the principal improvement of policing. He was the main man in the direction of the early improvement of the police power. Sir Robert strip was not the only one on this crucial policing. Sir Robert Peel Had two police officials, Charles Rowan and Richard Mayne, postulations two men were Sir Robert Peel right deliver the establishing of the London Police power. One of the principal protests that they confronted was the Public. The individuals didn't give any position to the cops; due to this Sir Robert Peel needed to cause general society to put stock in the police power. As per Miller, (1977) the legitimating of the London police was deliberately coordinated by Peel and his partners. Sir Robert and his partners changed the office perceiving that in the event that people in general didn't perceive the authority of the police, at that point the general division would come up short. The cops that went into the general population needed to meet certain capabilities. The official needed to act in an expert way while in the general population. Proposals officials were collected and didn't lash out rapidly with brutality truly or verbally. These officials were prepared to be a polite, in charge of oneself, and aware official. In the wake of picking up regard of the residents Sir Robert Peels next significant assignment was forestalling wrongdoing and setting up power. Forestalling wrongdoing was the basic role for Sir Robert Peel and his partners. So as to forestall wrongdoing the London Metropolitan Police Act should have been affirmed by parliament. In 1829 the demonstration was passed and Sir Robert Peel exploited this. This made a full time formally dressed police organization that would watch the city with the exertion of keeping wrongdoing from occurring. With the open currently regarding officials and officials watching the avenues that each resident strolled on the cops inevitably increased a type of expert in general society. This authority accompanied the preparation for the activity and the residents perceiving that the official is there to help and forestall wrongdoing. US improvement of a formal policing organization originated from Sir Robert Peel and what the London Metropolitan Police have become. The law implementation in the United States created in the early long stretches of colonization. The settlements took what the English was doing and built up their own framework fundamentally the same as theirs. â€Å"Towns and towns designated constables and sheriffs with powers fundamentally the same as their English partners. † (Grant Terry, 2008) The sheriffs would help forestall wrongdoing here in the States. Another approach to help forestall wrongdoing in the United States was sorting out watch frameworks that started in England too. The establishing of the Police framework here in the United States originated from the English roots. In the United States residents were additionally held subject for aiding maintaining harmony in the early states. With police offices persevering through the trial of time they will be here over the United States just as in different nations. Sir Robert Peel and his partners get a lot of kudos for shaping the establishments of what police leaves are established on. Sir Roberts Peel’s standards of policing were and still hold today basic rules that endless officials must maintain. Sir Robert Peel had his officials prepared in law as well as in matter of conduct and quality.

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Week 7 Discussion Question 2 Retained Earnings Assignment

Week 7 Discussion Question 2 Retained Earnings - Assignment Example Things contained in this area are normally perplexing to different crowds (Greiner, 2002). To set up a monetary record that fills its need, bookkeepers should make methodical game plan of things contained in the segment as indicated by people’s information. For example, passages in the segment ought to relate to effectively recognizable things (Weygandt, Kimmel, and Kieso, 2010). Bookkeepers ought to likewise forgo utilizing complex phrasings while making passages for the segment. 2. Assess what an aggregate misfortune in the held income segment of a company’s monetary record may demonstrate about the money related execution later on, showing how this may impact choices made about the organization. Offer help for your answer. The held profit segment demonstrates a company’s accomplishment through an examination of its salary and costs. Aggregate misfortune in the held gaining area shows horrible showing of the organization (Greiner, 2002). This infers the organization isn't making adequate net benefit to cook for its misfortunes. Furthermore total loses additionally show deferred installments to the company’s banks. This demonstrates the organization is working on obtained credit and, along these lines in danger of

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An IAP in Texas, chapter two

An IAP in Texas, chapter two One week down! One of you asked about what Im doing down here Im splitting my time between Service Design/Performance and Technology Services, so basically, applying technology to the analysis and optimization of train routes and service. Im working with some great people, and you know, eight hours in an office sort of fly by if youre enjoying what youre doing. So far, Ive been gaining a wide overview of how BNSF runs their trains and the sorts of performance aspects one would be concerned with in the freight industry. Its all new to me, coming from the passenger side of things. I suppose the best part is that its all making sense so far! :) The headquarters campus is pretty big, and as you can see here, theyve got several train cars parked at the main entrance these are fully-functioning conference rooms used regularly for business purposes! Theres a network of roads connecting all of the various offices, but Ive spent most of my time in the Operations and Technology buildings. The TOB (technology office building yes they actually use this acronym), located across the street from the rest, was formerly the factory where the TRS-80 was made. :-P On an unrelated note, theyve got an old Xerox workstation and laser printer from the late 70s in a glass display case in the cafeteria, from before the BN (Burlington Northern) and the ATSF (Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe) merged to form BNSF. But most importantly, everyones been very friendly and generous, going out of their way to include me in their work activities or just to show me a specific project theyre especially keen on. Take today as an example: a director took an hour and a half out of his day to give me the grand tour of an expensive piece of model dispatching software. Or Ill drop by the desk of a senior manager (the one who had me over to his house for dinner, after taking me to lunch, all on my first day) to ask about something Im working on, and well get into a half-hour discussion about some interesting business problem that Ill then go investigate. Im the only intern around right now (my boss says hes here this month while MIT is in hibernation), but I dont feel out of place one bit. :) The environment is great because a lot of the folks have railroad career backgrounds (as in, out in the field or in the yard, away from management), so theyve always got that extra context to lend. The hardest part about this work is getting up around 7AM! I havent had to do that on a regular basis for what, four years? We MIT kids are so spoiled with our first classes at 10, 11, or later. Its midnight as Im typing this, and I have a meeting at 8. Luckily, though, its typically pretty loose, and as long as I put in a full day, my exact arrival time neednt be so strict. I think itll be a good summer Im already doing neat things!

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Overcoming Challenges A Med School Applicants Journey

PreMed Prince This interview is the latest in an blog series featuring  interviews with medical school applicants and students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at  top medical schools and the med school application process. And now, introducing Jared Sharza, aka PreMedPrince†¦ Accepted: Wed like to get to know you! Where are you from? Where and what are you studying as an undergrad? When do you plan on graduating? Jared: I’m a 20 year old 2nd semester Junior, preparing to transfer into my next university for my last 3 semesters. I originally started school at St. Lawrence University, a prestigious institution located in arguably the most frigid area of Upstate New York. I started off as a premed student but couldn’t keep up with the level of work necessary to move on in the premed curriculum, so I was cut from the program for the following semester. After a brief semester stint with liberal studies, I found a niche in Economics and International Relations. I always had a deep interest in foreign policy and valued other cultures but decided I could express it best in government. My Economics side was harvested during my 2nd semester Freshman year when I started up a sober driving service for students from campus and into the town. The most rudimentary ideas of Economics came into play as I began to understand the lack of supply, yet high demand for a transportation service into the town (after all, the winters got as cold as -20). Towards the end of that semester, I decided to start investing in Penny Stocks and decided to further cultivate my interest in Economics by studying more of it the following semesters. My last semester at St. Lawrence was filled with Government and advanced Economics. I was delegated as Class President which I began to get very excited about early on. I also was rushing a fraternity at the time. Everything seemed to start off flawless as I began to think my future was going to be promising my last few semesters at St. Lawrence. However, after a major Greek Life scandal that I had lied to the school administration about, I was placed on judiciary probation which later changed to being placed on a semester of suspension. I was in a dark place for a while afterwards. I didn’t know how to tell my parents I was suspended- so I didn’t for a few weeks until I had a plan to get back on track. Just after New Year’s 2014, on my birthday, January 2nd, I told my parents. They were absolutely distraught that I didn’t ask them for help or had come to them earlier when the situation was going on. It was a very stressful time. With the support and guidance of my parents, however, I was able to gain admission to a local community college, Finger Lakes Community College, who was willing to look past my imperfections as I explained to them my plan to move forward. I decided that I had become a strong enough student to give the pre-medical curriculum another try, but this time with a goal and direction to take the MCAT at the end of the year. Throughout this past year, including the two summer accelerated semesters, I finished the whole premed curriculum and had been actively studying for the MCAT along the way. I was lucky enough to get a seat for the January 2015 MCAT, just before the major changes to the exam come. Two days after taking the MCAT, I will move into Nazareth College as a 2nd semester Junior majoring in Anthropology. A lot of people have asked me, â€Å"Why Anthropology, don’t you want to be a doctor?† I always try to explain to them that not everybody who goes to medical school has to major in a Science. I further attempt to express how Anthropology is the study of interacting with people and being able to see through diversity, but to learn to interact with people with an understanding of their culture. It’s very profound to me because I am sometimes asked the difference between Sociology and Anthropology. I have a deeply rooted passion for languages and cultures alike coming from a family with a heavily diverse background. I feel that through studying Anthropology, I will find a way to express my passion to help others of diverse backgrounds through understanding and learning how to relate my studies to enhance my abilities with the proverbial â€Å"Doctor-Patient interactions.† I will also be part of the Men’s Tennis team at Nazareth and the Pre-Health Club, as well as the school’s respective honors society (having gained Phi Theta Kappa honors society membership this past year). Accepted: Can you tell us about your blog? When and why did you start blogging? What have you gained from the experience? Jared: Part of my plan to get back on track after having been suspended for a semester was to find the support necessary to succeed. I had no friends at the school so I virtually had no distractions from school other than sports. My parents provided a strong support, but I sought a larger group. I took to Twitter using an anonymous Twitter handle name, PreMedPrince, to join the ever-expansive network of premeds, med students, and doctors alike. I became very comfortable with the network as they supported my plans I had expressed. Towards the middle of the Spring ‘14 semester, I decided in order to keep up my momentum, I had to lose a few of my ghosts that kept on haunting me. Whenever I had doubted my ability to pursue my endeavors, I could attribute it to being suspended, so I shared my experience in the form of a blog. I like to write, and had been using a journal as a pathway for stress-relief and for planning. After I put up my tell-all story regarding my suspension and how I had planned to get back on track, I received immediate feedback and strengthened support. From the experience, I gained the ability to reach out for support. It had been something I had been lacking for as long as I can remember. I have always tried to be proud of doing things by myself. I have often been very egotistical until I was humbled by being suspended, it was the first time I hadn’t been able to work my way out of something by myself. Success is a team-driven experience. Without a support group, I find it very difficult to succeed at anything. Accepted: You have very successfully pulled your GPA from a very low point to a high GPA. How did you do that? Jared: During my semester of suspension while I was attending Finger Lakes Community College, my main goal was to do as well as I could in my courses. The reason behind this was because I had a lot to prove to not only myself, but to future admissions. I have an outstanding disciplinary punishment that will follow me around whenever I apply for schools; I have to check â€Å"yes† on the applications. My main concern was how I was going to secure my future when asked about it by schools. I used my suspension as a reality check, a learning experience and I was hell-bent on proving my worth by excelling in school. I was always a little inferior when it came to school. I never put my best in, rather I’d focus everything into my athletic career. This past semester has allowed me to realize my potential by staying disciplined, seeking support from online groups, and demonstrating to my professors my zeal to thrive and succeed in their classes. After my first semester getting a 3.87 semester average taking 17 credits, I was proud of myself but wanted more, I was addicted to success. I felt so good knowing my hard work had paid off in and out of the classroom. During my research into medical schools, I came to realize GPAs were extremely competitive. My goal and thought process was to get as close to an A in every course. I didn’t have room for anything less than an A because, again, I need to prove myself to admissions. Accepted: How would you advise other premeds who are struggling to boost their GPAs? Jared: It’s no secret that the level of work premeds are expected to do in and out of the classroom is becoming more and more competitive. GPAs have to be high, very high. Students cannot afford to get more B’s than A’s in required courses. I’ve pinpointed a few keys that contributed to my success and have worked for others. I found that I wasn’t doing all-nighters anymore, rather, studying smarter. Figuring out how to actually learn the material is something I found worthwhile. Students tend to rely solely on the word of their professors which may only help in the short-run, but the material won’t likely stick. In order to effectively learn the material, I used YouTube videos for absolutely every topic I had this past year. What this does is it allows you to get another perspective on the subject and could potentially offer tricks to simplify the material. I found this really useful when I was taking Organic Chemistry because we were getting a lot of material to cover. As a visual-learner, I made use of whiteboards whenever I could. I found it extremely helpful for comprehending metabolic content for Biology, mechanisms for Organic Chemistry, and Physics problems. Actually doing and exploring concepts allowed me to get a more complete understanding which helped me on exams. I also supplemented this with making flash-cards for Biology as I found them to be most useful for this course specifically. The last piece of insight I can offer is visiting professors. I always read that medical students and doctors suggest to visit professors during their office hours. I finally realized this was necessary to demonstrate my ambition and actual curiosity to learn and figure out ways to enhance my abilities in the classroom. I found this to be extremely helpful as my professors would look over my papers early and offer significant advice that directly contributed to my success on assignments. The main thing to keep in mind when struggling to boost your GPA is that whatever you try won’t work instantly. Through persistence and dedication, you will get there if you sincerely have the inner drive. Make sure you look at your whole life at school and see if there is anything that is holding you back, or something that could potentially culture your success. Schools have many assistance programs that are just waiting for you to reach out, the thing is you have to reach out for the support; they can’t help you if you don’t inquire. Accepted: What stage of the med school admissions process are you up to so far? Jared: I am currently in the final days leading up to my MCAT, so currently studying! This past semester I chose my professors that I wanted to write for me letters of recommendation on behalf of my science proficiency. This past year has been very hectic and everything has been moving very quickly so I will be taking some time to breathe and relax afterwards into the Spring semester. I will be working on writing parts of my personal statement and continue to research into medical schools and may even visit a few. I will also be volunteering at the local hospital on weekends and hopefully be shadowing the athletic trainer during home games for various sports. The reason I want to shadow an athletic trainer is mainly because I have a passion for sports medicine being an athlete, but also because I plan on shadowing physicians during the summer. Accepted: Can you share some MCAT studying tips with our readers? Jared: The MCAT is very daunting, intimidating if you will. I found out very early when I first started my pre-medical requirements this year to supplement my course studies with MCAT preparation material. This allowed me to tailor my way of thinking in these courses to the way the MCAT asks questions. I also was able to get a new perspective on the material, which allowed me to further enhance my understanding of a topic at a given time. The mind-set necessary for the MCAT is one that is very tough and is able to adapt to studying and find outlets to channel stress. For example, my stress reduction outlets include Swimming and working out (alternating every day) and writing a reflection in a personal journal about the previous week and to write goals for the next week. Premeds need to learn early on that since the MCAT is such a big deal with a lot of content, to take things step by step. Learn one unit of material at a time and move on to the next. Make sure to keep the information in your mind by using flashcards that briefly summarize what you’ve just finished and it will all come together after a while. The biggest studying piece that I found was on the AAMC website. They list everything that could possibly be tested, content-wise. I will have gone through all of the material over 21 days which at first was very intimidating, but having taken it step by step, I found myself to have retained a lot of it through the practices I listed above. I have done my MCAT content review without any structured company review. I can see how they are helpful, in virtually every way. Personally, I found that I had all the material, and used the AAMC practice tests to measure my performance throughout my review and was confident in my ability to do this on my own. Some advice though would be to not allow others opinions sway yours. Everybody has different ways of learning and the silver lining to taking the MCAT   besides successfully completing it, is that there is an abundance of resources out there to help you prepare- from practice tests, practice questions, practice videos, etc. All of these major prep companies offer free trials and free material to try out their services. I advise to try them all, however. Even if you don’t like their questions or the way they deliver their material, at the very least you are getting practice of the same material with a different perspective. Accepted: Do you have target schools in mind yet? Where do you think youll apply? Do you have a dream school? Jared: I don’t have a dream school in mind. I think the reason for that is because of all that I’ve been through, I realize my chances have been harmed. However, I like to think that my continued persistence up until I apply will be worthwhile and some admissions panel will take note. Being a native of NY, my dream school would most definitely be the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. However, I do plan on applying broadly, which is something I think is worth sharing. In this day and age, premeds are entering a very competitive domain and some people would be inclined to argue that applying broadly is important because once you’re in; we all have the similar goals and outcomes. However, don’t let that idea keep you down from shooting for the stars. For one-on-one guidance on your med school applications, please see our catalog of med school admissions services. You can read more about Jared’s journey by checking out his blog, PreMedPrince.  Thank you Jared for sharing your story with us – we wish you loads of luck! Do you want to be featured in Accepted.coms blog, Accepted Admissions Blog? If you want to share your med school story with the world (or at least with our readers), email us at Related Resources: †¢ Ace Your AMCAS Essay †¢ GPA Issues when Applying to Med School: What To Do With A â€Å"W† †¢ MCAT Scores, MCAT Prep MCAT2015